It’s London 2016 and we’re overstimulated, under energised and just trying to love, laugh and live as hard as the next Instagrammer. JAMIE + EVE are best mates who share everything… And now they’ve shared everything.  It’s Sunday morning after Saturday night and they’ve just crossed over that all important friendship line.  For Eve, it’s no biggie. “Sometimes you just get so high you could make love to a pavement…”  But for Jamie, it’s a sexual awakening of sorts… With each Episode exploring a different day over the course of a week, we watch the fallout from a hazy one night stand on two girls who talk all the time, but have become shit at listening.

Think a British High Maintenance meets Appropriate Behaviour. 

BORED is an honest, dry witted web series that follows two self proclaimed millennials as they attempt to navigate through the glorious confusion that is their late twenties.

B O R E D was created by Nicole Hartley and Coral Amiga.

To watch the pilot please contact Serena Armitage @ Red Breast Productions